Roof Replacement in North Miami

Mike’s Construction is a company that consists of skilled and experienced individuals who are working as a team to deliver you satisfaction upon the completion of your roofing project. With years of professional performance, it’s easy for us to stay ahead of the competition and bring you top-notch roofing services by using our quality assured construction methods.

No matter how much care you take of it, every roof will deteriorate over the time. The reason behind this is the weather – rain quickly travels to the walls if your shingles are of the poor quality. We can help you to replace the roof and prevent these issues!

Roof Replacement in North Miami

Roof Replacement

We care about our customers the most and that is why we have shaped our residential and commercial roofing services to easily meet their budget and needs. If you are thinking about replacing or building a new roof, we can ensure you receive high-quality and professional roofing services from start to finish.

It is our mission to deliver dependability, longevity, reliability and the unsurpassed performance, and to create the lasting relationships by striving for the complete satisfaction for both the residential and the commercial projects we undertake.

If you need a licensed, professional and experienced roofing contractor to inspect your roof or to consult with on a new roof installation, give us a call on (954) 662-1908

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