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Shingle Roof Repair in Boca Raton

One of the most popular roofing systems on the market is shingle roofing. It’s sturdy, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing. While it is manufactured to withstand a lot, they will need to be repaired from time to time.

The residential and commercial roofing specialists at Mike’s Construction are here to help when you need shingle roof repair in Boca Raton, Florida.

Our team provides leak detection for shingle roofs and reliable shingle roofing repair services. We can inspect your roof and determine if you need minor or major repairs. We also offer services for shingle roof installation and shingle roof replacement.

Shingle Roof Repair in Boca Raton

Shingle Roof Repair

Shingle roofing offers a high level of customization for those who want to choose shingle that match the style or shade of the structure.

The most important thing is to recognize when you need shingle roof repair. Below are some ways to know whether your shingle roof is in need of repair service:

  • Shingle Damage
  • Broken or Missing Shingles
  • Increase in Energy Bills
  • Roof Leaks

Our team stays current with all new shingle roofing products and installation methods to provide our customers with exceptional value. We use higher quality underlayment in our roofing projects and simply do shingle roofing the right way.

Give us a call today at (954) 662-1908 to schedule an appointment for shingle repair or replacement service.

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